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Benefits of Outdoor Play

Outdoor play plays a pivotal role in promoting healthy growth, and at Dragonfly’s Early Learning, we ensure that children have daily opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors.

Here are some of the remarkable benefits of outdoor play for children’s health:

  • Learning: Outdoor play is a natural classroom where children can expand their knowledge and understanding of the world. It’s a space where they can explore questions like, “How does mud feel?” “How do plants grow?” “Why do we slide down instead of up?” and even, “Does a butterfly have to learn to fly?”
  • Creativity: The open-air environment is a fertile ground for nurturing children’s creativity, allowing them to appreciate and interact with the natural world in their unique and imaginative ways.
  • Health: There’s an innate wellness associated with spending time outdoors. It encourages physical activity, intake of fresh air, and engagement in various outdoor pursuits. Outdoor play instills a lifelong love for being in nature, whether it’s through kicking a ball or riding a bicycle.
  • Social Skills: Outdoor play provides ample opportunities for children to develop essential social skills. They learn the art of cooperation by pushing each other on swings, pulling wagons together, or simply engaging in group play. Equipment designed for outdoor use often fosters interactions among multiple children. Collaborative projects like gardening are excellent social activities.
  • Well-being: Outdoor play fulfills children’s fundamental needs for activities like jumping, running, climbing, shouting, racing, rolling, and hiding. These experiences are vital for their overall well-being, offering exercise and exposure to the invigorating effects of sunshine.
  • Exploration: Children thrive when given the opportunity to explore the unknown, embrace the unpredictable, and engage in adventurous experiences. It’s in these moments that they can marvel at nature, from observing an earthworm gliding through freshly turned soil to watching a butterfly alight on a leaf and then gracefully flutter away in the warm summer breeze. Outdoor play is a gateway to wonder and discovery.

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