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Child-led Learning with Dinosaurs

Child-led learning is not only incredibly enjoyable but also yields exceptional educational and developmental results. When children follow their own interests, such as their fascination with dinosaurs, it fosters a deeper level of engagement and meaning in their learning journey.

This journey began with their interest in dinosaurs and expanded into a captivating sensory exploration: a frozen dinosaur adventure. The children placed their dinosaur figurines into water, freezing them into solid ice, which led to hours of delightful play as the ice gradually transformed into water. Armed with utensils they found in the outdoor environment, they gleefully chipped away at the ice, relishing the activities under the bright sunshine.

This child-led exploration not only offered heaps of outdoor fun but also provided a unique opportunity for them to understand fundamental concepts like hot and cold, as well as the transformation between solids and liquids, all within the framework of a child-initiated and enjoyable experience.

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