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Construction Play

The children at Dragonfly’s Early Learning at Coolum Beach just love taking part in construction play.

Construction play occurs when children use toys, or loose parts and various materials to shape, manipulate and consciously build them into something new. Successful construction requires skills like planning, drawing, cutting, assembling, stacking, and testing which can provide endless hours of activity and fun.

This activity is not only beneficial for both physical and cognitive development but plays a hand in emotional benefits as well. It fosters social skills like communication, cooperation, and problem-solving, all of which are essential for building healthy relationships with others. By playing with others children learn about respect and about appreciating different perspectives apart from their own, leading to a better understanding of others

Constructive play also has emotional benefits as creating designs and experimenting with different materials can provide a source of pride and accomplishment for these little construction experts.

The greatest pleasure of construction play is in knocking their construction down and building it all over again, practising the learned skills while developing a whole host of new ones.

So much fun!!!

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