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FREE Kindy

Introducing free kindy! From January 2024, kindy is free for all Queensland kids.

Have you heard? Kindergarten for Queensland kids will be free from 1st January 2024. Kindy is a place where your little one will make friends, explore new environments, build confidence and have fun learning. Kindy offers meaningful experiences and interactions that support your child’s early learning, wellbeing and development, now and into the future.

“Kindergarten, known as kindy, is a part-time educational program for children in the year before Prep. Kindy is 15 hours per week, 40 weeks per year and is free for Queensland children attending a government-approved kindergarten program from 1 January 2024.

Kindergarten programs are offered in long day care services and sessional kindergarten services. Sessional kindergartens operate during school hours each school term, whereas long day care services can provide a kindergarten program as part of their extended hours of care.”
~Early Childhood Education and Care, Queensland Government

  • For 4-year-olds: Children aged at least 4 years of age by 30 June in the year before they attend Prep

  • Attending an Approved Kindy like us: Dragonfly’s Early Learning is a government-approved educational program offering free kindy in sessional or long day care settings

  • With a qualified kind teacher: Our kindergarten program is delivered by a qualified early childhood teacher

  • For 15 hours per week, 40 weeks per year: Kindy is 15 hours per week, 40 weeks per year and is FREE!

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