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How Physical Education can Boost Development in Children!

At Dragonfly’s Early Learning in Coolum Beach, we offer a range of extracurricular sports that provide children with a significant advantage in their physical development. Young children who engage in activities like carrying a water hose in a childcare centre can benefit immensely from physical activity during their early years. At Dragonfly’s, we provide extracurricular sports that offer children the opportunity to stay active and acquire new skills under the supervision of experts.

Here are the benefits of extracurricular sports for young bodies and minds:

Developing Movement and Motor Skills

There is mounting evidence suggesting that the development of locomotor and gross motor skills is closely linked to physical education during early childhood. Children engaged in physical activities from a young age experience faster development of fundamental movement skills like crawling, walking, and running. The national physical activity recommendations for children under five years of age include supervised floor-based play from birth, with at least three hours of activity every day starting from the age of one. Involving your child in structured physical activities is an excellent way to ensure their healthy development.

Building Confidence

The development of essential motor skills plays a pivotal role in fostering confidence in young children. Notably, proficient motor skills are associated with improved cognitive, social, and emotional outcomes. In the realm of physical development, children naturally progress at different rates. Therefore, a supportive environment that encourages the development of vital motor skills is essential for children to become self-assured in their abilities.

Creating Lifelong Healthy Habits

Regular physical activity is vital for lifelong health, and engaging in planned physical education from an early age is an excellent way to instil this crucial habit. Studies have shown that children who participate in physical activity from a young age report higher levels of enjoyment of physical activity in later life.

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