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In Touch with Plants and Nature

Introducing plants and nature to the children at Dragonfly’s Early Learning, Coolum Beach provides increasing benefits for them. Watching plants grow and change throughout the year helps them to understand more about how things grow and develop.

Growing plants teaches children about responsibility as well as cause and effect. They learn that if they don’t water their plants, they die and that if weeds compete for nutrients with their special plants, they don’t produce healthy plants. They also learn self-confidence from achieving their gardening goals and enjoying what they have grown.

Direct hands-on association with nature provides both mental and physical benefits. It can improve mood, reduce anxiety and reduce mental fatigue. Children who enjoy regular connection with nature by playing outdoors also benefit from increased flexibility and have more highly developed gross motor skills

Is it any wonder that Dragonfly’s Early Learning makes this a priority? We invite you book a tour of our centre today, click the button below to get in contact with one of our friendly team members.