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Mirror Play

Our Bilby babies have begun mirror play, which has been very entertaining for everyone (including themselves).

Recently we have set up a large 3D mirror along with a variety of smaller mirrors for the babies to explore.

Mirror play has multiple learning outcomes such as strengthening visual development and visual tracking, as well as supporting self recognition and familiar faces. This type of play also encourages responses to emotions such as smiling and funny faces, strengthening their spatial awareness and awareness of their body parts and provides so much fun for the children. They love it!

Children really enjoy exploring their reflections and mirrors are a great way to engage and encourage young babies to explore. Eventually, they begin to realise they are, in fact, seeing themselves in the mirror and begin to recognize themselves.

This is a process. Children don’t just recognize themselves. There are many components that come into play like self-recognition, self-awareness and recognizing their own faces. These understandings are gradual and occur slowly and in different parts of a child’s development.

Mirror play has a big part in this gradual learning and is so much fun!

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