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Miss Emily’s Music and Dance Class

Children learn so much through music and movement. The development of gross motor skills are a significant aspect of their overall muscle development and coordination. At Dragonfly’s Early Learning, activities are centred around these important aspects of development.

Children love music and they love to dance to it. They love dancing because it gives them an opportunity to move those muscles. By the time a child reaches Kindergarten age they can run, jump, climb, catch a ball, and maybe even hop on one foot.

Gross motor development helps children to build strength and with that comes confidence in their bodies. Development of these skills helps a child grow in the ability to do more complex activities such as navigating the playground environment. They need a lot of opportunities to practice movement because that is how they grow.

At Dragonfly’s Early Learning we look for activities to encourage gross motor skill development daily and Miss Emily’s class each week plays a big part in this!

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