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Mixing Child Care with Aged Care

The children from Dragonfly’s Early Learning, Coolum Beach visited the residents of Sundale Aged Care.

The children and residents came together in a variety of planned activities such as music, dancing, art, lunch, or simply “just visiting,” resulting in mutual benefits for both generations. They all get very involved and love every minute!

There are many benefits to combining Aged Care and Early Learning Programs. The opportunity for children to connect with an older generation serves to improve the younger generation’s behaviour and attitude, enhancing the overall wellbeing of both young and old. In this situation, children come into contact with the normal ageing process and people with disabilities, helping them reduce their fear of older adults. They learn how to give and receive unconditional love and attention, while also transmitting cultural traditions and values to younger ones, building a sense of identity and encouraging tolerance.

It is fantastic for them to have this experience. As a child, coming home from a visit with grandparents usually meant that you had been spoiled with food, attention, and love. Older adults cherish spending quality time with children, creating a special bond between the generations.

At Dragonfly’s Early Learning, we have realised that bringing these two bookend generations together creates magical moments. Both the children and the residents love it!

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