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Painting – Brushstrokes of Growth

Painting can be known as the brushstrokes of growth during early childhood… and you thought that your child was just splashing a bit of paint around! As you have no doubt discovered, it really is much more than that. Painting allows children an educational opportunity that is also fun and exciting.

Painting can help children communicate; it helps them convey ideas, express emotion, use their senses, explore colour, and create aesthetically pleasing works and experiences. Painting aids children in acquiring hand-eye coordination, an important skill at any age. This is developed as they learn to paint the parts that they see, making sure their hand movement is in sync with their vision.

Painting aids your child in developing fine motor skills. While their hand muscles are being used, this allows them the scope to develop both mentally and physically.

Painting helps children acquire skills to focus on trivial details. Painting on canvas or a piece of paper requires varied painting skills.

Painting also offers an escape into a world that only their imagination can enter. So important for skill development.

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