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Promoting Independence and Self Help

In Sugar Glider’s room at Dragonfly’s Early Learning at Coolum Beach, we encourage our children to develop their independence and self-help skills. Self-help skills are abilities that children gradually attain to give them more independence. This helps children feel safe and secure in their environment and builds their self-esteem.

It is essentially all about learning life skills so that they can look after themselves without being reliant upon others. Children develop these self-care skills gradually with role modelling, repetition, practice, and encouragement. Each child develops differently and chooses when they are ready to acquire these new abilities. As children begin to interact more with others and their confidence grows, they will gradually assert their independence.

Once children have discovered the joy of independence and self-help, their confidence will soar! This is when that fiercely independent streak often rears its ‘ugly head.’ I am sure we have all heard that…’Me do it’!

There are basically four areas of learned self-help skills:

  • Self-feeding
  • Self-dressing and grooming
  • Hygiene and toileting
  • Helping with chores

Here, one of our Sugar Gliders is enjoying making a sandwich with a group of friends and his educator.

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