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School Readiness – A Progressive Approach

Starting school is an exciting milestone, but it can be a challenging time for parents who are tasked with preparing their children for a significant change. At Dragonfly’s, we believe in creating a stress-free transition for children. We achieve this by taking a progressive approach to school readiness, beginning from their very first day in care.

What is a progressive approach?

Often, a lot of stress is placed on families to prepare their children for school in the year leading up to Prep. At Dragonfly’s, we believe that child development can’t be rushed. Our centre has a series of rooms through which children progress, leaving each room with the skills to be successful in the next.

In this way, children are given the time and space to develop at their own pace over a number of years. By the time they finish Kindergarten, Dragonfly’s children are confident and fully prepared for Prep.

What skills will my child learn in each room?

In Junior Kindy, the curriculum is all about fun and exciting play-based learning activities. Children are exposed to language, social situations, physical activity, and early mathematics; however, the pressure is off as this year is more about becoming comfortable with these early concepts.

In Pre-Kindy, children begin learning pre-writing skills and numeral awareness. However, the most important skills that they learn during this year are social and emotional. Learning to manage their emotions and make social connections are skills they need for Kindy and ultimately school.

In our Government Approved Kindergarten Program, the curriculum is designed to prepare children for Prep. The program is based on five key criteria: connectedness, well-being, communication, active learning, and identity. Children work on these skills over the year and leave as confident learners equipped with knowledge and skills developed over a number of years in three different rooms.

When it comes to school readiness, slow and steady wins the race!

We believe in a progressive approach to school readiness.

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