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Story Time: Stick Man

Children love a good story at any time and the children at Dragonfly’s Early Learning at Coolum Beach are no different. Our kindergarteners are currently enjoying the book Stick Man and making their own “Stick Man”.

The book “Stick Man ” by Julia Donaldson is a charming tale about an anthropomorphic stick who’s separated from his family. “Stick Man” faces numerous obstacles and challenges, but never gives up on his quest to return to his family tree.

Through Stick Man’s perseverance, young readers learn the value of determination and the rewards of never giving up. This lesson is particularly valuable at a young age when children are developing their sense of resilience and grit. Learning to not give up fosters a growth mindset, a key component of success in all areas of life. Stick Man’s story encourages children to persist in the face of difficulty and to believe in themselves, no matter what obstacles they may encounter.

Children easily identify with the adventures of Stick Man. Stick Man gets lost, is called the wrong name, is so happy to be reunited with his family, and introduces the endless possibilities of playing with a stick! He is such an adventurer!

Natural resources, particularly sticks, are possibly the world’s oldest toy. Even animals play with sticks. Dogs and children love them! Children find them an endless source of make believe fun. 

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