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Yoga and Early Learning

At Dragonfly’s Early Learning at Coolum Beach, we regularly offer Yoga as part of our learning programme.

Yoga for children offers both emotional and physical benefits.

Regular practice of any physical exercise promotes flexibility, balance, strength, coordination and posture. Children explore body movements and build spatial awareness through yoga. Yoga also develops motor skills as they are able to practice movement, balance and hand eye-coordination.

Yoga engages the mind to improve body awareness and helps children focus their attention on the present moment and on each part of their body. The skill to focus can transfer to a variety of situations in which they need to pay attention. Learning a variety of fun poses also helps children improve their cognitive memory which is important when they start school.

Yoga is usually taught to younger children in the form of play, games and song to help engage them effectively in the practice of yoga.

With the practice of yoga comes psychological benefits like mindfulness. In preschool children, a short yoga session has shown to improve focus, memory self- esteem and can help to reduce anxiety and stress which has a positive impact on academic performance and particularly on behaviour.

Yoga poses particularly developed for 2 to 5 year olds, develop self-regulatory skills and social emotional learning, reducing tension and supporting strength and balance.

Come and join us. Your little one will love it!!

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