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At Dragonfly’s, our educators harness their unique talents to engage, include and inspire children. Through the mantra of ‘education through play’ and active supervision, our educators provide the building blocks that are essential for our children’s lifelong learning, whilst fostering conducive, positive partnerships with their families and the wider community.
Ingrid Jobson

Ingrid Jobson

Centre Director and Nominated Supervisor

Welcome to Dragonflys Early Leaning my name is Ingrid.
I am a passionate advocate for Early Childhood Education with 25 years of knowledge and experience in the sector across various positions; Educator, Trainer and Assessor and Nominated Supervisor.
I grew up in the Coolum community and while the town has grown and evolved it has always kept its humble charm.
My professional philosophy is based on the theories of Emmi Pickler, respectful care and education for all children with the strong foundation of “the relationship is all”.
At Dragonflys Early Learning we understand importance of embedding indigenous perspectives within everyday practice and honour the traditional owners of the land. As I progressed in my career my focus extended to leading a team to create a safe, secure and nurturing place for families of all cultures.
My passion is facilitating resilience and confidence in children. My priority is building relationships with children and families to support emotional growth which in turn fosters all developmental areas, giving children the best opportunity to succeed throughout their formative school years.

“The relationship is all. It is a matter of life to the child.”
Dr Emmi Pikler


Educational Leader and 2IC

Hi. My name is Yasmine. I am a Diploma qualified early years teacher of 15 years. I completed my qualifications in the UK before moving to Australia in 2006 with my husband and at the time, 3 boys.
I look at children as individuals with their own unique personalities and therefore have their own strengths, interests, abilities and needs, which is why I strive to take the time to get to know each child very well, allowing me to give them the unique understanding, love and support needed, giving them the best start in life. I believe children learn and grow best through play, feeling safe and loved. This is key to their learning and development and so this is how I work with my children in my care; play, love and nurturing, giving children a sense of security and belonging, feeling loved and cared for as an individual little person.
Some theorists that I take my practices in my early years teaching from:
Albert Bandura: Children learn by modelling. Since children learn by modelling, parents and caregivers must provide good examples. Play contributes to children’s abilities in problem solving, behaviour options and logical reasoning.
Piaget: Educator’s nurturance (comfort, teaching and play) for the individual child’s stage of thinking.
Maria Montessori: Children learn best by using their senses and pursuing their interests, rather than forcing them to learn what is expected. Children have innate skills and talents.
Erick Erickson: Tune into children’s interests and skill levels and offer just enough help to support them in doing things themselves. Provide a variety of play experiences so children can explore and choose what they want to do.
Miss Lily

Miss Lily

Early Childhood Teacher


I am a NZ trained Early Childhood teacher and believe and implement a relationship-based curriculum in my kindergarten room.
I am a passionate and nurturing teacher who loves to learn and to teach, the profession drives me to keep studying, researching, comparing, and continuing to be a reflective practitioner.
My teaching experience started in Chile as a Science and Physics teacher at a Secondary School. I had the opportunity to implement and develop a Science. program in a Primary School as part of a Chilean’s Ministry of Education program which inspired me to work and grow my understanding of younger children. Eighteen years ago, I moved with my family to New Zealand, with the great desire to continue. my passion as a teacher, expanding into Early Childhood Teaching.
In 2021 I have had the great opportunity to move to Australia, I have continued my early learning Teaching Journey.

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