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Children make sense of their social world through playing with others. Social play helps children to develop a sense of belonging in a group as they interact with others and learn how to negotiate rules for positive social interactions. ​
The development of a positive sense of self is promoted through early play experiences where there is no wrong or right way to do things. This freedom from rules helps children to feel confident and competent as learners and teachers of others.
At Dragonfly’s we encourage all children to actively participate in our programs. Our current programs are listed below.
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Ginger Sport is an exciting soccer program at catering for children from 18 months to 5 years. Ginger Sports runs on a weekly basis, excluding public holidays and the Christmas holiday period
Soccer is a great sport for children to start out with, as it teaches coordination and teamwork in an environment that is energetic and positive.
Our fun, creative program is delivered by passionate, caring coaches. Children are rewarded with Ginger Sport stamps at the end of each session, and each child who takes part regularly will receive a Ginger Sport medal of achievement four times per year.
Children develop physical skills including dribbling, passing, shooting, running with a ball, turning, physical fitness and gross motor skills.​ Ginger Sport also helps to improve emotional and social skills including teamwork and co-operation, sharing and taking turns, communication, problem-solving and planning, creating positive associations with sport, self-improvement and persistence and participating and making friends.
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Billy’s Buddies is a basic ball skills program created by Billy Slater – former Melbourne Storm, Queensland and Australian Rugby League representative. Run weekly, the purpose of this program is to develop hand-eye coordination, gross motor skills, confidence and teamwork abilities in a fun and safe environment!
This program caters for children aged 2 to 6 years. No two weeks are the same! Each week we run theme-based Sessions which focus on developing children’s social skills all whilst at the same time, teaching them the fundamentals of not only Rugby League but ball sports in general. Like Billy, we want to inspire every child at our centre to become great team players and learn the importance of teamwork. ​
It was recently announced the Best National Pre-schooler Activity for children aged 3-5 at the 2019 What’s On 4 Kids Awards!
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Extracurricular Programs

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